5 Reasons Your Business Needs IT Support

As a business our bread and butter has been IT Support, we believe that in the age of technology the success of a company is solely reliant on technology working, because of this factor when things go wrong, companies need someone to call. CANDA has developed an expert team over 10 years in order to achieve a goal to assist companies as their IT department.

These are five reasons every company needs an IT department or IT support.

  1. Remove the panic from the situation when your computer breaks, IT problems are something that happen to thousands daily but you never think it will happen to you.
  2. Use your time wisely – Don’t spend ages searching for ways to remove that virus from your machine, call a department who will be able to log on and remove it within seconds. They are experts for a reason, you concentrate on your business and we’ll do ours.
  3. No problem is too big or too small – This could be as simple as a printing problem or an issue with your RAM or Harddrive (An internal Issue).
  4. On-Sight Support – CANDA are privilagdge to have a team of Engineers who aim to have a response time of 4 hours (Highly dependant on location).
  5. More than Support – CANDA offer a wide range of services other than IT Support such as Consultancy, Creative Media – Website Design, Promotional Videos & Software Development.

“Our culture is unique because of the origins of the organisation which was born from German and US companies. They appreciate the changes in direction and our culture, they understand us and are extremely professional. CANDA Systems is essentially our IT department.”

Andrew Laughton – Managing Director
MGA Entertainment UK

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