7 ways to make your tweets stand out on Twitter

7 ways to make your tweets stand out on Twitter on users feeds.

Making your business voice online heard over the hundreds of twitters can be difficult, on average every second 6,000 tweets are sent by users. In perspective that is 500 million tweets a day. Getting heard over the crowd can be difficult and at times frustrating. Creating new and innovative ways to be noticed is at the center of the social media world, but do not be disheartened by this news. Our expert marketing and social media team have put together their top 7 ways to get your tweets noticed on other users feeds, and how to keep your follower base relevant to your business.


  1. Keep your twitter & feed relevant to your business! Trends are good to follow but if you’re interactions are from California and you own a hairdressers in Newcastle, you’re probably aiming yourself at the wrong people.
  2. Ordinality, this can be difficult but it does not need to be. In the digital age everyone owns a smartphone with a camera, take snaps of your company’s work and use relevant hashtags to get noticed, this is important and can be fun so get creative!
  3. Join in with digital networks such as #BizHour or think more local such as #AldridgeHour or #BrumHour. Depending on your business and its size utilize these platforms for retweets and interaction! You never know who will see them in your local area.
  4. Interact! Care about your following base, and they’ll care about you, interact as much as possible with local business and create online relationships! Kindness never hurt anyone.
  5. If you want to build a following base, follow people who have recently retweeted another company, the likely hood they are still online is major and you could have instant or quick interactions to build a following base.
  6. Pin your best tweet! This is a chance to build on your business 160 character bio and a chance for other companies to interact with it! Use these 140 characters wisely and include a picture of your event, business or shop!
  7. Never buy followers! This might be one of the most important tip! It is too easy to purchase them and this is not a good thing, it is obvious to other Twitter users when an account has bought followers, they look fake, unreal and it is off-putting for other companies to interact with you! Put time into your social media sites and they will repay you!


To conclude, ordinary, creativity and be relevant to your business! These are important factors to your business, and if this is the first time people see your company let it be memorable!

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