Is your website mobile friendly? CANDA are here to help!

The computer wizards have been working hard once again at CANDA to make sure you don’t have to.  So with this guide, we’re showing you how and why having a Mobile Friendly website is so important for your customers. It’s your business, your website, so you have the right to know how it all works.

mobile friendly
Mobile Friendly, access on all devices

Mobile Friendly? How can we help?

At CANDA we will design you a fresh new website with a responsive design to ensure that your customers can access your site on any device, being tablet, Iphone, Android, PC, making it mobile friendly!

We won’t complicate things..

Let’s keep it simple. We can give you a site that works on mobile, making it straight forward and easy for your customers to use. The reason most of us use our phones to Google everything is so we can do things quickly!  If they know they can find out information and do things quick and easy, they’re more likely to visit again. If it’s complicated and confusing, they won’t be back!

I’m sorry Google!

Like we’ve said on our other post, Google punished websites who weren’t mobile friendly. Any websites that contained pages which were difficult and annoying to use on your Iphone (the whole pinch and zoom situation) Google decided to decrease their mobile search result ranking. We will make sure you’ve got this mobile friendly stuff down so that you’re not down on the rankings either! #notcool

Google checks if it's Mobile Friendly
Google checks if it’s Mobile Friendly

2 Websites 2 Many!

Again with the Google punishments…making a separate website for mobile users is a big no-no! Google will punish you for having two websites with the same content. You can’t assume your PC customers are any different to your smart phone customers. We will make sure both smart phone and PC visitors will receive the same information on the same website!

BIG small

At CANDA we know how frustrating it can be when you click on the wrong button because it’s too small for your finger! So we will make sure your mobile website has big, clear buttons so your customers can navigate onto different pages easily.  Phones are a lot smaller than PC screens so let’s make sure they can see every letter with ease.  #butterfingers

Picture this!

We know that you need high-resolution photos to make your website look even more creative. The latest smartphones have high-definition screens, having high-resolution images will help you avoid having poor quality and pixellated or blurry images. These will become more noticeable when using these HD phones. Don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the perfect pics! #instaworthy

mobile friendly
HD is essential to a mobile friendly website!

We need options!!

We’ll always contain a “visit full site” or “desktop version” button. People love options, let them have the decision on whether or not they want the full site experience. If that’s what they prefer, don’t lose a potential new customer just because you prevented them from going on the full website.

So, what have we learnt?…

Let’s conclude.  The digital age is here, so businesses have to keep up. Mobile is the new laptop. Tablet is the new computer. By making your website a mobile friendly one, you can reach any customers on any device. Easy and accessible websites will bring in more visitors, more customers and more business!

Website Friendly = Friendly Customers 🙂








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