We know how important your customers are for your business. So creating a website that’s easy to read and understand is vital. We don’t expect you to be wizards behind your computer screens. We’ll do the hard bits and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to maintain a professional state-of-the-art website.


a web design? how?

1.We keep it simple

We want your customers to keep coming back, if they find it difficult to navigate your website they’ll avoid using it, losing you business. We’ll keep the web design organized, simple and creative. At CANDA, we don’t over complicate things. #lessismore

2. We’ll make it a responsive design

A responsive design is when a website can fit to every device including tablets, smartphones, PC’s, laptops and so on.  The majority of your audience will try to access your website through a smart phone whilst searching on google. Google punishes websites which do not have a mobile friendly site by lowering their SEO ranking. If you’re ranked lower on Google, it’ll be harder to find you, so let’s make sure you stay on top!

3. Tweet Tweet!

Social Media is a brilliant way to advertise your business. We’ll add your Facebook and Twitter onto your web design so your customers can easily keep up to date with you. See our other blog page on how to ace the Twitter world to gain more followers for your business! #followmyfacebook

web design

4. What? How? Who?

FAQ (frequently asked questions) is a vital page for your website. We will make this easily accessible to your visitors so they get the answers to their questions before even asking! Happy customer = Happy Business!

5. Be Original

It’s your business, so let’s keep it unique to you. CANDA enjoys creating dynamic web designs just for you where customers will enjoy browsing through what you have to offer. We can make your website stand out from competing businesses by creating “sticky sites” so your visitors keep coming back!

6. Picture Perfect!

These days, everyone has smartphones with cameras, so capturing photos is a daily habit by now!  It’s nice talking about what you have to offer but customers want to browse through your photos. Get Creative! We will insure that your site is packed full of images to please your visitors. Snaps also work great on social media to keep your customers up to date with all the latest news! #saycheese

web design
Pick your favorite snaps to share!

7. Call me!

A contact page will show your customer you care. By adding an easily accessible “Contact Us” form onto your website, visitors will feel happier to ask you anything they need to know. This is also a great opportunity to get visitors to tweet or retweet you, making them feel closer to the company whilst helping you advertise more!

8. Just Google it!

We can help check your Google rankings, by doing this we can see how many visitors you receive. When you search a word into Google, the website that’s ranked on the 1st page is what they consider to be the most relevant or useful. Google doesn’t let you know what factors affect your score. At CANDA we follow what are believed to be important ranking factors to ensure your website gets the most out of Google rankings.

9. Don’t you worry!

Don’t panic if you’re not a wizard behind that computer screen, that’s why we’re here. You let us know about your business and we’ll keep it creative! We have plenty of case studies to show how we’ve helped companies to gain more customers after giving them the web design they’ve always wanted.

10. We’re here for you

Just because we finish your web design doesn’t mean our job is done, we aim to make your business as successful as possible. We will show you how to keep it updated. Keep up with the tweets too! Customers feel closer when you let them know what’s going on, don’t be afraid to use those hashtags! #website #tweet #creative #contact #hashtag

To conclude, we are here to help, and we want you to know that these are important factors to help build your web design. Your website could be the first time people discover your company, so let’s make sure they come back!

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